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The Ralph Swentzell Institute’s Copyright Policy

1. Subject to Applicable Law and All Conditions Below, License is Hereby Granted for You to Reproduce and Distribute, for Non-Commercial Use and Without Charge, a Limited Amount of Material from The Ralph Swentzell Institute.
i. The meaning of "limited amount" is a matter of common sense, but you should contact us if more than 3 or 4 files are involved.
ii. "Non-commercial purposes" means using the material in a way that's unrelated to an activity that's intended to produce a profit. Otherwise you must get our written e-mail permission. We're liberal regarding such permissions, but we should communicate. After all, it's cheaper than lawsuits.

2. Modifications to Form and Format, Minor Editing, Corrections in Spelling or Grammar, and Removal of Extraneous Material are OK, But No Substantive Changes to the Material's Content, "Flavor," or Meaning are Allowed.    
i. The meaning of "substantive changes" is also a matter of common sense. Say, e.g., the material seriously advocates that all spammers should be chopped up and used as penguin feed; then modification, use in a context, or editing that leads a reasonable person to think that it is just kidding, or that it advocates something else - like feeding penguins to starving spammers - is a no-no and could cause legal action that result in you losing everything you have, will have, ever even thought of having, or have yet to think the thought of having.

3. Attributions to Source, Author, and The Ralph Swentzell Institute, Plus a Copyright Notice Must Be Included.
i. If the material has no copyright notice and was not created by The Ralph Swentzell Institute it should include attribution to The Ralph Swentzell Institute and the URL of the material on the site. Something like "This article/ information/ material is from The Ralph Swentzell Institute at" is fine.
ii. When the Material Contains a Copyright Notice It Should Include the Notice plus the above URL attribution, and any author attribution, e.g. "by John Doe, Legal Editor," should also be included.

4. Reproduction and Distribution of The Ralph Swentzell Institute's Original Content, Topics, and Similar html Files and Pages, Graphics, "Look and Feel," Etc., is Prohibited Without Written Permission Except When Part of Links to, Reviews, Writings, Discussions or Presentations About The Ralph Swentzell Institute.

5. Some of The Ralph Swentzell Institute's Materials May Have a Notice Detailing Other, More Restrictive, Conditions of Use. Such Conditions are In Addition to, and if In Conflict With, Supersede, the Above.

6. If You Have Any Questions About this Copyright Policy, Please Contact Us by e-mail Before Distributing any of The Ralph Swentzell Institute's Material.

7. We are making every attempt to make all our material available and accessible to everyone, please be patient if there is a format, or accessibility issue that we have not yet addressed.

8. We also make every attempt to not violate any copyright, trademark, and other similar laws. If, however, we have unintentionally violated copyright or similar laws - please let us know, and we'll immediately remove the material in question and only re-post the material if and when it is discovered to be non-copyrighted material.